OOTD – Chevron Top and Mustard Cardigan

I found this super cute top on ModCloth and thought I would share it with you all!  We’ve had a full day today – we went to the mall, out for some Japanese lunch/dinner (lunner?), and then went to bowl!  It was a lot of fun.  I love to bowl, but I’m not very good.  😦

When I first put this shirt on, I could tell my husband was nervous.  He left the bedroom and went to the living room without saying anything about my outfit, which usually means he doesn’t like something I have on. However, when I used the belt it came with and put on my cardigan, it looked much better!  It had a muumuu vibe without the belt, which I think scared him into leaving while I was getting dressed.  On a side note – I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I get so nervous and self-conscious when my husband is in the same room as me when I’m getting ready to go out.  I worry half the time that he’s not going to understand the look I’m going for, and then I end up taking longer than I would have because I’m having a ton of mini conversations in my head explaining my choices…Not that he ever says anything nuts, but a girl worries!  So, maybe I should postpone adding belts and cardigans to outfits more often?  🙂

Once I showed him my complete ensemble, he said I looked nice, thank goodness…I asked him how nervous he was about the top before I cinched the waist and added the cardigan and he said a 10 on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the worst.  Just a bit dramatic, if you ask me!  I love this top, though.  It’s super comfy, light and airy, and really different from other things I have in my closet.  I think it would look great with any other solid cardigan, and pairing it with some floral or leopard shoes would look fabulous, as well.

Chevron Top and Mustard Cardigan ModCloth

Click on the links below the pictures to view the items I’m wearing, or similar products:


 ModCloth Tops

Left – (What I’m Wearing) Medium Format Memory Tunic in Black and White Zigzag ModCloth

Right – Zoom Bisou Top in Black Chevron ModCloth


Jeggings 2

Left – (What I’m Wearing) Levi’s 535 Leggings in Canal

Right – Women’s Jegging Cherokee in Indigo


Mustard Cardigans ModCloth

Unfortunately, Target is no longer selling the cardigan I’m wearing in this picture, but these are great options:

Left – (very similar to what I’m wearing…I actually prefer this to the one I’m wearing) Have a Good Knit Cardigan in Saffron ModCloth

Center – Charter School Cardigan in Honey ModCloth

Right – Style Theorist Cardigan ModCloth


Black Wedges

Cheaper Options On Top Row:

Top Left – Women’s Jenna Bow Wedge DexFlex Payless

Top Center – Women‘s Earline Wedge Sandals Target

Top Right – Montego Bay Club Women’s Pier Knot Espadrille Wedge Payless

Pricier Options (Under $90) Bottom Row:

Bottom Left – Women’s Caballo Leather Wedge Sandal Nine West

Bottom Center – LifeSt Rogue W Shoes Target

Bottom Right – (What I’m Wearing) Women’s Forevryung Leather Wedge Sandal

Black and Gold tassel Necklace:

Black Tassel Necklaces

Charming Charlie is no longer selling the necklace I’m wearing in my outfit photo, but these are great options:

1st – Tia Knotted Tassel Necklace Charming Charlie

2nd – Majestic Tassel Necklace Set Charming Charlie

3rd – Hooray of Light Necklace ModCloth

4th – Beaded Tassel Pendant Necklace Banana Republic

5th – Enfield Tassel Drop Necklace Monsoon

6th – Women’s Semi-Precious Beaded Tassel Necklace Target


Bow Earrings

Charming Charlie is no longer selling my bow earrings, but these are super cute:

Top Left – BMC Womens 2 Pair Set Small Enamel Rhinestone Bow Designed Fashion Stud Earrings Wal-Mart

Top Right – Women’s Black Bow Tie Stud Earrings Wal-Mart

Bottom Left – Bow Earring Set Forever 21

Bottom Right – Set of 6 Stud Earrings with Pearl Heart Bow Flowers and Buttons – Gold/Ivory/Black Target

A lot of these items are really affordable, which is a must for me.  The shoes are a splurge, but they’re really comfy and great for summer and I LOVE summer.

Take care,


6 thoughts on “OOTD – Chevron Top and Mustard Cardigan

  1. Hey Lauren! I am going to be late for work but just had to leave a quick comment and will come back again this afternoon to fully enjoy this post. Love the pictures and this outfit. Love the way you give options for similar pieces. My poor debit card is going to take a hit trying to recreate this look! Love everything about it. And I do have the cardi, so there is that bonus. I love you and am so proud of your beautiful blog.


  2. Ok, I am back! I can relate to how you feel and all of those mini-convos you have in your head when you are getting ready around Francisco. I am the same way around Paul. This morning I was watching him watch me and I was thinking “he’s looking at my stomach” and “he’s waiting to see if these pants I am putting on will go up!” Probably not entirely true but I think we both need and like our husbands’ stamp of approval. I want to start ordering from ModCloth. Could you tell us how their sizes run? True to size, small, large? Thank you!


    • Hi Mom – I love you! Thanks for reading my post. We are super twinsies, aren’t we? I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling like that. ModCloth sizes vary…they usually specify whether something runs large, and looking at the comments section should also give you an idea of how things run. I hope this helps!


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