Pattern Mixing – Floral, Dots and Stripes – Part 2

I hope you all are having a good week!  I wanted to write this post a couple of days ago, but I’ve been SUPER tired this week and have a bit of a sore throat. 😦 My husband, a doctor, was on “home call” yesterday, so he was paged three times last night starting at 1 a.m.  We’re both worn out, but I can’t go another day without posting!  As I mentioned in my previous post, there seems to be a lot of pattern mixing on the runways and streets this spring. Here are a couple of Pinterest pictures that caught my eye:

Floral and Dots 8

  Floral and Dots 6 Floral and Dots 1

Floral and Dots 5

Floral and Dots 7

There’s really SOOOO much you can do with this.  When I first tried pattern mixing, I started off with tiny things…like a striped shirt and polka dot shoes, or a floral shirt with a striped bag.  Once you feel comfortable, you can branch out to bigger things.

This week, I got a couple of goodies in the mail, including some cardigans I mentioned I was lusting after in my second post, so I was excited to come up with a pattern mixing outfit around it.  Here’s the cardigan (you can buy it here):

Halogen Cardigan

It just screams “SPRING” to me, don’t you think?  As you can see, there are a ton of colors; by changing the blouse you wear underneath, it can be worn year-round.  Since I did floral pattern mixing in the last blog, I wanted to try dots and floral this time around.  For one of the Style Me Challenges (learn more about them here), I purchased a red blouse with tiny diamond-like dots on it, which I thought would go perfectly with this outfit (you can find a similar blouse here, and here).  Here’s what I came up with:

Floral and Dots My Take

The floral cardigan from Nordstrom (find it here).  Jeggings from Levi’s (find them here).  Blouse from Old Navy (find similar blouse here). Purse from Forever 21 (find similar bag here).  Cat watch (find similar ones here) and earrings (find similar here) from Charming Charlie.  Shoes from Urban Outfitters (find similar ones here).

Not ready to try pattern mixing with clothes and accessories yet?  Try the trend with your next manicure:

Floral and Dots Nails

Have you tried the pattern mixing trend?  If so, please share your finds in the comments box and send your pictures to me on Pinterest.

Take care,


6 thoughts on “Pattern Mixing – Floral, Dots and Stripes – Part 2

  1. Love this post, Buff. The suggestion of the manicure is a great way to take a baby step toward trying pattern mixing. Love this sweater. And I think I am going to start giving links to where to find my pieces, too. So proud of you!


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